77 Ford F100 Broke Down – Thanks John Sanders

Alright, so the fuel gauge doesn’t work on my 77 Ford. Seemed like a minor inconvenience. I went to the local Shell station yesterday after work to fill up only to find that the pump would only dispense about $1.00 worth of gas before clicking off. I tried a few times with both premium and plus selections. Hmm. I had not driven the truck since before our 1 week vacation so I guessed/assumed I must have purchased gas right before we left town and simply forgot.

Yea, so on the way to work today, I ran out of gas. I noticed the symptoms pretty quick and pulled to a side street to avoid causing a traffic back up. Called Mrs. Good Old Mike and asked her to bring me the gas can and my starter pack (smart), and she did.

While I waited, I started a list of everything that is “wrong” with the truck.

Parking BRAKE, not break. And why did I buy this truck again???

Mrs. Good Old Mike saved the day – brought everything I requested. I poured the gas into the tank and tried to crank it up. I ran the battery down trying to get the fuel pump to prime the carburetor. Hooked up the battery pack and gave it some more cranks, no success.

I still had a little gas left in the can so I thought I would pour some down in the bowl of the carb and try to get things started that way. The only problem was, I didn’t ask Mrs. Good Old Mike to bring any tools with her and all I had was a medium sized pair of vice grips.

The air cleaner on this F100 has 2 half inch bolts holding it down along with the standard wing nut/screw. Fortunately, I was able to get my vise-grips to do the trick and get those boogers off.

picture of my ford f100 air cleaner and the 2 half inch bolts in my way

Right as I was pouring a little liquid gold (read gasoline) into the carb, feeling like a well tutored Mustie1 fanboy, a man pulled up in front of us in a truck and offered a jump. I must have been stuck there for 45 minutes and this was the first anyone stopped to offer help. Thank you sir.

I still had the jumper pack hooked up but it was worn down, so I told him I might need his help in a minute.

The truck fired right up. Yes!

The good Samaritan, John Sanders, gave me his business card and told me about his new Mini Market and shared some pictures. Very nice guy and very nice looking store. If you are in the Charlotte area, go check out his store at 3929 Monroe Rd., Charlotte, NC. It is important to support good folks doing good things in any community. I personally plan to stop by.

Alright, so I drove the truck back to my side of town and filled him up with ethanol free juice from our local gas station. End of this chapter. Next time, I’ll tell you about my disintegrating instrument cluster. Love this old truck. This is what it is all about..

Have a good one! And thanks again, John.

If you like working on old trucks, you might enjoy this recent video of me working on my old 1977 Ford F100.

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