Retrospective: Brake Inspection Pt2 Success?

The release of the 2nd brake inspection video on Good Old Mike’s Garage was an improvement in one respect from previous videos.

This video broke 100 views within the first 13 hours. I don’t believe this has happened before on any of the youtube channel’s videos. Unfortunately, shortly after reaching that milestone, the traffic petered out a bit and deep into day 2 the video is presently sitting at about 122 views. Not bad comparatively. This video ranks as number 2 by views in Good Old Mike’s releases since December 2018 for the 1st 35 hours. Part 1 did bested this release by 45 views at the 35 hour mark.

All of this is well and good. The video featured multi-camera footage, very crisp footage from our Pixel 3, decent audio (although fairly hot), decent lighting for the most part. It imporved over the previous release by changing camera angles often, synchronizing video with music, and a few other adjustments.

Surprisingly, the video received some positive praise for the editing and “new format.” I wish more specifics were provided on what was liked, but the positive nature of the all of the feedback was warmly appreciated.

The video was shared via all standard avenues, except, sharing on YouTube was overlooked until right now. The video was shared on Facebook, The Samba, Reddit, Pinterest, Tumblr, Blogger,, and Twitter. It was also teased on Instagram the day before release and a reminder post was shared earlier this afternoon.

The video featured our new description template which includes friendly graphics and links for subscription, latestvideo, most popular video, and the like.

It is interesting to see how the content is consumed over time and how it compares to the channels averages. Compared with averages over the past 28 days, it is doing very well.

I also experimented with End Screens, this time opting to reference a video not yet produced. This release will need to be updated at some point in the future to provide the block for the disk brake install video. Unfortunately, that will not be the next video recorded as was assumed at the time of this recorded. Before recording the disk brake install video, we must replace the wheel bearings and that will be an interim release.

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